Things To Consider When Adding Custom Lighting To Your Truck

Posted on: 28 July 2022

Adding custom truck lighting to your vehicle can offer some significant benefits. However, it is crucial that it is correct to ensure the lights are effective and legal. The lights you choose are crucial because they need the correct voltage and be sized right for the vehicle they are going on. 

Truck Lights

Custom truck lighting can include many different light styles, sizes, and shapes that you can select for your vehicle. You may also want to consider a durable and longer-lasting light system with LED (light emitting diodes) lights that allow you to tailor the amount of light you are putting out for different situations. 

Custom truck lighting often conjures up visions of large chrome lights of the eighties and nineties. However, many of the lights used today are smaller, brighter, and more durable than the old off-road lights, and they are made from recycled plastics, making them a better option for trucks that will be in the water, mud, or harsh weather regularly. 

Choosing the best lights for your truck can be a challenge, but many parts and accessories shops have a large selection you can look at, and there are online retailers that also offer many optional designs. How you lay out the lights and how many you choose can be crucial, so take some time to plan your lighting to ensure it works best for your needs.

Check the local laws in your area or where you are driving your truck to ensure you are using the lights legally. In some areas, custom truck lighting is only permitted off-road, so if you are installing the lights to use any other way, you could find yourself dealing with local police offers and potentially facing fines for your lighting.

Installing Truck Lights

Once you determine where you want your custom truck lights, installing them requires running the wiring to the lights and installing the lights, switches, and relays that will control them. Installing custom lighting without the proper wiring can create a dangerous situation that could cause an overload and fire in the electrical system. 

Taking your truck to an auto shop and having the work done correctly is vital if you are unfamiliar with the wiring. When installing a large amount of lighting, it can be necessary to create a new circuit for the lighting with a dedicated fuse block with lighting relays that offer you the best protection against overloads. 

Selecting switch locations that are easy to reach from the driver's seat but look good and fit the interior styling of the truck can help take the installation to the next level. The switch styles and designs available will allow you to pick one similar to the factory switches, and when installed carefully, they are often hard to tell apart.