4 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Car's Air Conditioning Systems

Posted on: 26 March 2021

When you get into your vehicle on a hot day, you want to be able to cool things down quickly via your air conditioner. For your vehicle's air conditioner to keep you cool, you need to take proper care of it.

#1: Recharge the System

Your air conditioner system requires lubricant and refrigerant gas to operate. It is a good idea to take your vehicle in every other year to get it recharged. That way, you can ensure your vehicle's air conditioning system is well lubricated and has all the gas it needs to keep things cool.

#2: Full Air Conditioning Service

Second, another great way to take care of your air conditioning system is by getting a full service. With this type of service, the mechanic will do more than just lubricate and top off your refrigerant.

With a full service, they will check for leaks in your system. If they find any small leaks, they will then repair that leak before it expands and becomes more of an issue. For example, a small leak in a hose could decrease the overall efficiency of your system. Taking care of leaks when they are small can save you money and ensure your air condition system is able to work effectively.

#3: Use Your AC Weekly

Third, it is important to run your air conditioning system every week, regardless of if you need it to keep your vehicle cool. By running your air conditioner for at least ten minutes once a week, you will keep the gas pressure where it should be and allow the compressor to work. When you run your AC, turn the fan speed up all the way and the temperature down as low as it will go. Doing this once a week throughout the year will allow your vehicle to keep the AC system running smoothly.

#4: Use the Defrost

Fourth, it is important to use the defrost function as well. The defrost function helps to remove moisture from your system. Running the defrost once a week, for somewhere between five to ten minutes, will help keep the moisture out of your air conditioning system and will help ensure that your system doesn't develop any unpleasant odors.

With your air conditioning system, you will want to recharge the system at least every other year. You are going to want to get your AC serviced every few years as well. It is also essential to run your air conditioner and defrost once a week to keep the systems running smoothly.

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