Save Money, Time, And Hassles With Preventive Car Maintenance

Posted on: 30 December 2019

Preventive maintenance is something car owners should value. Many drivers, however, aren't too quick to take a car into a shop when nothing seems mechanically wrong. Concerns about spending money and wasting time weigh on the mind. While somewhat understandable, the attitude has flaws. Skipping preventive maintenance work often leads to spending more money and losing more time. Following the recommendations in the owner's manual, however, could eliminate troubles.

A Minor Fix Becomes Costly

A typical suggestion for an oil change is every 5,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first. Going the entire year without an oil change and running up 7,000 miles on the odometer isn't helpful to the engine. Nor does it help a bank account. Old oil leads to sludge build-ups. You can't continue to drive on an engine with sludge, or else you risk engine damage. If the sludge problem isn't too bad, a mechanic can clean the engine. Of course, the cleaning work now adds more money on top of an oil change. 

Labor and Its Discontents

Sometimes, drivers skip out on suggested maintenance because no problem exists. For example, changing the water pump is recommended when replacing the timing belt. The water pump may last long after the timing belt wears out, but mechanics recommend changing it because of the labor involved. Labor costs for a water pump change might be enormous due to all the disassembling and reassembling necessary to reach the part. In time, the water pump will break down. Why pay for double the labor costs when the timing belt change afforded easy access to the pump?

A Broken Down Vehicle and Related Expenses

If the water pump or another part goes and the vehicle breaks down, you run the risk of incurring more costs. Towing might be the least of your worries. What if you can't get the car off the road and another driver hits the vehicle? Imagine if the driver was uninsured, and you don't carry uninsured motorist protection. You now have to pay for a new car and any remaining loan balanced on the wrecked vehicle.

Hospital Expenses

The disabled car scenario brings up another concern. Medical bills from even a fender-bender accident injuries can be enormous, but they come with an upside: they were only minor. Even so, you probably won't be found of any bills or lost wages incurred. If your car breaks down and causes a more extensive accident that requires hospital time for recovery, your expenses will be even higher. 

People don't always think of these things when pondering routine maintenance. Don't make the same mistake they do. Take advantage of preventive car maintenance offers from shops like Grey Chevrolet Inc.